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Written for the October Prompt

Title: If the Shoe Fits
Author: Spikesgirl58
Rating: G
Word count: 693
Prompt: Wrongly Convicted

It was small things at the start and never anything dangerous, just merely inconvenient. There was a misplaced bit of material or a moved piece of equipment.  Then, over time, and only time the way an Elemental would measure it, things escalated.

“It’s Silver, I tell you!” Jet was not a happy camper.  She had been using the hand torch to smooth some battle scars given her by her latest assignment.  Now it was nowhere to be seen.  Instead, a box of matches was in its place.  “I need that torch.”

“I think you look fine, Jet.” Gold was being magnanimous.  They’d learned to look past outer appearances, but Jet was just a little vain.

“Thank you, Gold.” Jet studied her reflection in the mirror, touching a shallow cut running down one cheek.  Unlike many of the others, she didn’t have the same degree of hardness.  “But it’s still Silver.”

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Sapphire and Steel2

Written For September Prompt

Title: The Lazy Days of Summer
Author: spikesgirl58
Genre: Sapphire and Steel
Word count: 1260
Prompt Mistaken for gay

My thanks to my Beta, sparky955 and to kittenmommy. Nice try!

Steel drummed his fingers against his thigh as he plowed through the long grass. His step was heavy and deliberate, as if daring anything to try and stand in his way. Insects hurried to escape and any animals that might have taken refuge in the grasses and weeds slunk away to safety. The sun beat down, but failed to warm his mood. Just to be contrary, he dropped his inner core another degree. Let the sun do its worst, he would not be bested.

Where are we going, Sapphire?

“You’ll see.” Sapphire was the opposite. She walked slowly, letting her hands glide over the tips to the grass, tickling her palms. She smiled at the sensation and welcomed the heat of the day on her skin. The world was alive around them. Because of them, really, although no one knew or would know. It was not their place to be recognized for their actions. It was merely enough for all the wonder around them to continue.

What is our mission?
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S&S in blue

Response to August Challenge

Title: An Afternoon at the Museum
Writer: spikesgirl58
Genre: Gen
Word count: 415

This isn't beta'd, so if you find something, let me know!

Steel stared at a painting, resisting the urge to tip his head sideways. “I’ve never cared much for museums.”

Sapphire pulled her attention away from the guidebook she held. “Why not? There are so many things to see, so many aspects of lives gone by.”

“Exactly. Too many old things, too much temptation.” Steel glanced around at his partner. “Time would have a heyday here. Imagine all the danger it could cause.”

“But many of these are mere duplicates. None of these paintings are originals and many of the artifacts display are recreations using modern materials.

“Nonetheless, the interest is still here. The danger is still here.”

“Steel, when are you going to learn to relax? There are times when a cigar is just a cigar.”

“Sapphire, you know I don’t smoke.”

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S&S in blue

July Prompt - A Day at the Zoo

Title: In the Nick of Time
Author: Spikesegirl58
Genre: Gen
Word Count: 1735
Prompt: A Day at the Zoo

What is this place, Sapphire? I have the strange sense that we’ve been here before.

It’s called a zoo. Animals that might otherwise in be jeopardy in the wild are placed here. It is also a place for people to come and see animals that they might not otherwise be able to view.

There are cages.


That doesn’t seem quite the ideal situation for the animals that would otherwise be roaming free.

Steel, you sound like a conservationist. The current movement is to move the animals from the cages into situations that more closely resemble their native habitats.

I just know what it’s like to be kept in a cage, no matter how attractive the packaging. Why are we here? A loud roar interrupted him and the ground shook as a large dinosaur walked by them. “What is that?”

“An allosaur and the reason we are here.”

All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension; Transuranics heavy

elements may not be used where there is life. Medium atomic weights are available:  Gold, Lead,

Copper, Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver, and Steel.

Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.

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sapphire and steel together

For the May prompt - Hard Day's Night

Title: Hard Day's Night
Author: Spikesgirl58
Rating: G
Word count: 1059
Prompt: Hard Day's Night

My thanks to Kittenmommy for another great prompt and to Sparky for her beta help.

The wind whipped Sapphire’s hair, a whirlwind of icy blasts that snatched tears from her eyes. It plucked at her dress, chilling her to her core. She staggered back a step from the force of the gale. Sensing that she was weakening, it increased.

“I command you. Be gone. Be silent!” She tried to stand her ground, but she was tiring rapidly. The wind paid no heed, its howling mocking her voice. She took another breath and tried again, her eyes glowing blue with concentration. “I command you as I command Time. Bend to my will!”

For a moment nothing happened and then the wind abruptly stopped and Sapphire would have collapsed had not Steel caught her at the last minute. The familiarity of her partner gave her solace, for she knew she had failed.
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