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Mirror, mirror don’t you dare break yourself again…

Title: Mirror, mirror don’t you dare break yourself again…
Pairing/Characters: Jet, Sapphire
Rating/Category: PG
Word Count: 166
Spoilers: None really…
Summary: Jet loathes mirrors...
Notes/Warnings: One swear word… but apart from that it’s fine ^^.

Mirrors on the whole were unreliable things.

They seemed to delight in getting a chipped glass or damaging their frames… and then replacements came in and operatives were assigned again.

As far as Jet was concerned mirrors were good for shattering and not much else.

This mirror was old, cracked.

It also had a new frame.

Jet watched the thing with uncertain eyes, she had been ordered not to shatter it…

But the thing deserved it really, standing there all… shiny and splendorous.

The bloody thing was staring at her, she was sure of it.

In fact it would be a mercy just to...

Jet, step away from that mirror.

Perhaps not then, still she would get that mirror eventually…


One day a year later a man opened up a room in his house and discovered with some surprise that his mirror had been smashed.

He put it down to fate and did not look any further.

Which was rather fortunate for a certain element named Jet…

Tags: challenge:mirrors

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